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R2W - View Assessment Progress

A. After assigning assessments and clicking Apply Changes, the ‘Next’ button activates. Click ‘Next’ to open View Assessment Progress where two buttons will become active, ‘Revise Assignments’ and ‘Start’. 

B. ‘Revise Assignments’ will go back to the Find Participants section where the assessment assignments can be changed and participants can be added or removed. 
C. ‘Start’ will display a grid for monitoring learner status on active assessments. The grid will persist even if the proctor navigates to another page

D. Learner status on an assessment is displayed in the Monitor Assessments grid, which is updated in near real-time to show the current item number the learner is working on. 

E. The Actions menu provides options to pause and unpause assessments for learners as well as extend time. The Exit and Save function bookmarks an assessment so a learner can resume and complete the assessment at a later time whereas Exit and Discard does not keep a record of the assessment.