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SS - Posttest

Before accessing the Postest Intro, the learner must complete the Course. If a learner tries to access the posttest before completing the course, a message will appear stating, "You have not completed the Course. You must complete the course before taking the Posttest Intro." 

Like the pretest, the Posttest Intro must be completed before learners can access the posttest. The posttest features are identical to those in the pretest. The score is displayed when the posttest is finished. When learners have completed the posttest, they choose Exit to return to the Soft Skills homepage.

Access to the Posttest

Posttest End Page

Learners can see their progress as a glance at the Soft Skills homepage. When learners score 80% or higher on the posttest, one ebadge will be earned per module. When all four module posttests have been taken with scores above 80%, a Soft Skills certificate will be earned.