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SS - Pretest

The Pretest Intro is a short introduction detailing how to take the online pretest. As learners review the pretest instructions, they click on the Next tab to navigate through the pages. When learners reach the end of the introduction, they choose Exit to return to the Soft Skills homepage.

Pretest Introduction

Pretest Introduction End Page

When the Soft Skills homepage refreshes, the next segments of the module will be available. Choose Pretest and then Start to begin the pretest. Each module has 10 pretest questions, and scores are based on percentage correct.

To answer questions, select a radio button beside the appropriate answer and click Submit. Learners will be automatically advanced to the next question. Immediate feedback is given when the question is answered.  If they choose to exit the pretest before completing all questions, they will be given an error message like the one below.  The score will be 0% but the course option will open.

Early Exit Warning

When a learner completes the pretest, the course will be available. Learners are required to complete the course 100%. Once the course has been completed, the posttest will become available. Select Exit to proceed.

End of Pretest

Refreshed Homepage