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WIN System - Activity Reports

Note that at the district level, the drop-down allows you to choose further options of viewing reports by district, school or individual student. State level administrators will have access to view all district reports.  DTC will have the ability to view all school reports under their district, while STC are able to see all student reports in their specific school. 

Organization Activity Report

Site Activity Report

The school report displays a listing of students enrolled in the system and the summary activity associated with each.

Individual Learner Activity Report

The individual performance report provides a detailed listing of all scored activity. Certificates can only be printed from the Certificate Report.

 Learner's View of their Activity Reports

Learner's have access to their activity reports. Activity 2.0 is an updated activity report that allows the student to review and filter the activity data and print credentials if enabled by the organizations top level administrators.

Learner's View of the Activity 2.0 Report