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PBT - After Testing

1. Collecting the Testing Materials from the Learners
a. Collect the test booklets, answer sheets, and any scratch paper (if applicable) from each learner. Please verify the following:
i. The answer sheet contains the learner’s name, WINCRS ID, and date of birth as it appears in the WIN Career Readiness System.
ii. The learner bubbled in the Test ID, Version, and WINCRS ID.
iii. The answer sheet matches the Test ID and Version on the cover of the actual test booklet used by the learner.
iv. All erasures are complete and there are no stray marks Note: Faint or poorly marked answers should be darkened so that they can be read during scanning. Do NOT alter or change any answers.
v. There are no stray marks in the bar code and sheet registration areas, as these marks can cause test documents to be misidentified or rejected.
vi. The testing materials collected match the testing materials received as indicated on the Test Material Tracking Log.

2. Returning the Testing Materials to WIN Learning for Processing
a. Promptly after the last testing session, return the testing materials to the administrator to be shipped to WIN Learning for processing. 

b. Do NOT staple, fold, or apply adhesive tape to test answer sheets.

c. Only one return label will be provided. Please return all test materials. Any additional shipments to WIN Learning will be the responsibility of the testing location. To avoid confusion and delays, remove all other shipping labels and barcodes.

d. Test booklets, answer sheets (used or unused), and the Test Material Tracking Log should be carefully packaged and shipped using the label provided. Please use the same box WIN Learning used to ship the test materials. 

e. Please do not send scratch or graph paper to WIN Learning.  Securely shred all scratch or graph paper. 

e. Please make a copy of the Test Material Tracking Log for your records. 

f. Apply the return shipping label to the outside of the box and remove all other shipping labels and barcodes.

g. Drop the box off at the nearest UPS or call UPS to request a pick-up. WIN Learning covers the cost of shipping by providing a return label that is for the specific weight of the test materials and measurements of the box shipped to you. If you need assistance with returning the material to WIN Learning, call 888-717-9461 option 1. 

Note: All test materials (used or unused) must be sent back to WIN Learning.
3. Retrieving Test Scores
a. Once WIN Learning receives and verifies all test materials have been returned, the tests will be scored and entered into the WIN Career Readiness System. 

Note: All test materials indicated on your Test Material Tracking Log must be returned to process any of your organizations tests. The tests and answer sheets are serialized and follow strict inventory control.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

b. Please allow up to 10 business days to process and upload your learner’s scores from the date WIN Learning receives your returned test materials. 

c. If there is a discrepancy on a learner’s answer sheet or their score did not populate in the WIN Career Readiness System, you may be contacted by WIN Support to resolve the error. 

Please use the WIN Resource Center to learn more about how to generate score reports from the WIN Career Readiness System.