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WIN System - Batch Enrollment

Once locations have been added to your site, the batch enrollment link is activated. For Administrators, the Batch Enroll link is found beside the name of each location in the location listing. Batch enrollment at this level allows you to enroll all users at that location.  For facilitators or teachers, click on the Batch Enroll button at the top of the screen.  Batch enrollment at this level will allow you to enroll a group of learners into a single learning venue. From either link, you will then be directed to a screen outlining the steps in the batch enrollment process.  A Professional Services Consultant will assist with this process as part of your system set up.

Batch Enrollment by an Administrator

Batch Enrollment by a Facilitator

Click on Template for Student and open the Excel file.  Populate the columns. Middle name is always optional.  If email addresses are unknown, leave that column blank and the system will generate a “mock” email for students. They can change it when they enter the portal. You may also enter a password in the Initial Password column and select whether the learner will be forced to change it by entering 'yes' or 'no' in the Change Password column. Other columns, such as Grade Level may also be present on the template.  Save the file as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. Then browse for the file and upload. The file will show on the top of the screen with time remaining. When the batch enrollment has finished, you can download the file that contains usernames and passwords.


Note: Information that is required is noted with a red "Required" message in Populate CSV instructions in step 2.

Batch Enrollment Instructions

Batch Enrollment Template for Students

Batch Enrollment Upload

As batch enrollment files are uploaded, they will appear at the top of the screen above the instructions.  Click to Show Batch Enrollments and uploaded files will be displayed with the tab to Download result report available on the right of the file listing.

Batch Enrollment Report

The resulting Batch Enrollment Report returns with the learners’ Usernames and Temporary Passwords provided.  This report will be available as a record of your enrollments.   Provide the username and temporary password to each user for their initial login.