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PBT - Before Testing

1. Obtaining the Learners WINCRS ID
a. All learners must be enrolled into the WIN Career Readiness System before taking the assessments. Once the learner is enrolled in the system, they will be assigned a WINCRS ID.  Make note of this important number as the learner will need to bubble this number onto their answer sheet prior to testing. If preferred, the administrator may bubble in the WINCRS ID for the learner.
Note: If this number is incorrect or not bubbled on the learners answer sheet, the learner will not receive a score. 

b. If the learner is not enrolled in the WIN Career Readiness System, please enroll the learner.  Additional instructions on how to enroll learners are found in the WIN Resource Center under the Resources tab.

c. If you do not have access to the WIN Career Readiness System, please contact your Professional Service Coordinator or WIN Support at 888-717-9461 Option 3 or 
d. If the learner is already enrolled in the WIN Career Readiness System, the WINCRS ID can be found using the List and Edit Users feature in the User Administration section located in the dropdown of the Admin tab of your portal. 
2.  Test Administration Tips and Reminders
a. The Career Readiness Assessment contains 4 tests: Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information, Locating Information, and Essential Soft Skills.

b. Before testing begins, instruct all learners to bubble in the appropriate information including their unique WINCRS ID, test booklet Test ID and Version on the answer sheet. The Test ID and Version are found on the front cover of the test booklet. Stress the importance of recording the WINCRS ID, Test ID, Version, and responses in the correct section of the answer sheet. 

c. The test coordinators are responsible for securely storing all used and unused test materials.  It is extremely important that all staff members involved in the administration of these tests follow the directions for administration very carefully. 

d. Read the scripts, starting on page 10, aloud to the testing group before each test. For your convenience, a copy of the instructions are included in the shipment. 

e. For testing sessions divided into two days, the instructor will collect the test booklets and answer sheets after each session, lock the materials in a secure location, and redistribute to the same learners at the start of the subsequent testing session. 

f. Check to see that learners are on the correct section. If it is observed that a learner inadvertently misses items or a page of questions, encourage him/her to go back and answer those questions.

g. Keep communication between the instructor and the learners to a minimum. 

h. Supply learners with new #2 pencils as needed.

i. Let learners know that it is okay if they do not know a specific answer and encourage them to choose the best answer.

j. Maintain and oversee the security of all test materials.

k. Food is not permitted during testing. Drinks allowed in the testing area is at the discretion of the administrator.

l. After the assessments are complete, all scratch paper must be collected by the instructor and shredded promptly. 

m. The administrator must complete the Test Material Tracking Log indicating return of ALL test booklets and answer sheets. Note: All test booklets (used and unused) MUST be returned to process and receive any scores. 

n. The administrator should make a copy of the Test Material Tracking Log for their own record keeping.

o. The administrator packages all the test materials and ships them back to WIN Learning using the supplied return label. 
3.  Calculator Policy
a. All TI-83 and TI-84, TI-Nspire, TI-Nspire CX, TI-Nspire with touchpad, Casio FX-9750GII, Casio FX9860GII(S), Casio CG10PRISM, and any basic four function calculators are acceptable.  If the calculator being used has a memory, it should be cleared before and after testing.  The organization is responsible for providing calculators to the learners before testing. 
4. Instructions for Coding the Answer Sheets
If appropriate, the test administrator may complete the learner information sections on the answer sheet prior to testing. When the learners have the blank answer sheets, provide the following directions highlighted in yellow bold text below:

It’s very important that you complete all the information carefully and correctly. Listen carefully and follow the instructions exactly as I give them. If you have a question, please raise your hand.

Print your name, date of birth, and WINCRS ID in the boxes provided. Use the name that matches your state records. Enter only one letter per box. Now fill-in the bubbles below the boxes that match the letters you have written. 

Walk around the room to make sure the learners are filling in the appropriate section of the answer sheet correctly. If there are learners whose last or first names are too long for the spaces provided, instruct the learners to only write in the letters that will fit in the boxes provided. The last column is reserved for the middle initial. Learners should not enter apostrophe marks or hyphens.