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CRC 2.0 - Placement

Begin with a placement test by choosing Placement Test.  It is recommended that placement tests be taken only one time; however, if it is determined that additional opportunities should be made available in specific circumstances, the placement test may be reset if the learner has not begun work within the course title.  When learners enter the placement test, they will begin at Level 1, receiving 10 questions at that level.  In responding to questions, the learner is provided with multiple choice answers.  Once the learner has decided on an answer choice, the selection is made by clicking on the Submit tab.  If Level 1 in the placement test is successfully completed with 80% mastery, the test will advance the learner into Level 2, providing again 10 questions per level.   At any point when a learner has incorrectly answered enough questions to ensure that they will not pass the placement test (below 80%), the program will stop the assessment (even if it is in the middle of the test) and identify an appropriate starting point in the courseware.

Begin Placement test

A learner may save their progress in the placement test and resume later by clicking the Exit button and choosing Yes in the dialog box that appears. 

Save Placement Test

When the placement test is complete, learners will automatically begin where the placement test indicated.   A summary of the placement test results explains the number of correct and incorrect responses and provides the learner with their entry level.  The learner is directed to click Continue to return to the Main Menu. On the Main Menu, only the levels to which the learner has access will be open (showing as colored circles).  The highest open level is the entry level.  Learners may enter lower levels for review, but they can only advance to higher levels as they successfully complete the progressive levels by demonstrating 80% proficiency on end of level posttests.

Placement Test Results