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CRC 2.0 - Reports

A learner can access Reports from the top of the dashboard screen.  Choose Career Readiness Activity and click Run Report to access the report for this course.  The report can be downloaded as a CSV file.  A date range may be requested.  If none is provided, the report will show results for all time on the system.

Note:  Learners must be in a class to show up on the reports.

Learner Report Selection

The learner’s Career Readiness Report will show a list of all scored activities within the course, arranged by modules.  As the report opens, it displays the three core skill areas of Applied Mathematics, Locating Information and Reading for Information.  Each activity title is listed, showing the dates on which the activity was completed and the score received.  For activities By Passed by means of the Placement Test, the report will show BP.  For activities that the learner has not yet taken, the report will show NT.

Individual Learner Report