WIN System » Admin Tab » Create a New User


WIN System - Create a New User

Choose User Administration under the Admin tab to open the User Administration menu.

Create a New User

From the drop-down box select a user type. You will only have choices based upon your permission levels. Once you select a type, the search box will expand and you may be prompted to fill in additional information such as the school or site the user should be enrolled in. When all of the required information has been entered a Create button will appear.

Clicking the create button will open a pop-up where you will enroll the user. Complete the requested enrollment information (middle name is optional), which includes creating a username and a password. If you do not wish to set a password for the user, click the check box beside Password (the check mark should disappear) and leave the ‘Enter Initial Password’ box empty. A temporary password will be generated during the enrollment process. If you elect to let the system generate a temporary password, the user will be forced to change their password on their initial logon.  You may also choose to have the user change the password you created at their initial logon by clicking the check box beside User must change their password at next logon. Click Create Person after the required information has been entered.

Note: You can only add new users that are below your own permission level. For example, administrators can enroll everyone, including other administrators, facilitators and learners. Location administrators can enroll facilitators and learners. Facilitators can enroll learners. Learners cannot enroll or self-enroll in the portal.