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PBT - Definitions




Universal term used to describe the person overseeing implementation.


The Career Readiness Assessment includes two of WIN Learning’s assessment programs, Ready to Work (three tests) and Essential Soft Skills (one test).


A printable document that records learner mastery of a WIN Learning assessment.

Essential Soft Skills

The assessment program containing the Essential Soft Skills test.


Universal term used to describe persons providing direct assistance or coaching to the learner. Synonymous with caseworker, counselor, teacher, monitor, or proctor.

Ready to Work

The assessment program containing the following tests: Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information, and Locating Information.

WIN Resource Center

A comprehensive online library of training and implementation resources for paper-based and online assessment and courseware administration embedded within the WIN Career Readiness System. (Available to Administrators and Facilitators)


Universal term used when describing the person taking the assessment. Synonymous with client, jobseeker, learner, participant, or examinee. 


Refers to one of the four tests in the Career Readiness Assessment.

WIN Career Readiness System 


A single sign-on portal providing one-click access to assessments, courseware, performance reports, and the WIN Resource Center.