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mSC - Informal Assessments

Learning Styles Survey

The Learning Styles Survey is a 24-item, quick way of assessing learning style. Its main benefit is to prompt users to think about themselves and to consider learning alternatives. To gain a better understanding of oneself as a learner, it may help to evaluate learning style and information processing preferences. By doing so, users may develop new strategies to enhance learning potential. The Learning Styles Survey was written at the 6th grade reading level.

Employability Skills Survey

The Employability Skills Survey is a 24-item survey that asks users to self-evaluate on the skills needed for entry, maintenance, and progression on a job. These skills are also pertinent in school and in a range of daily activities. Users rate themselves against skills and competencies that employers have reported to be important to job success. Upon completion, users identify skill improvement strategies.

Entrepreneurial Career Assessment Form

The Entrepreneurial Career Assessment form is found under the Occupations tab. It measures the person’s likeliness to succeed within self-employment ventures and gain insight into the differences between being self-employed and working for an employer. This 20-item assessment can be saved to the My Sorts & Assessments section of the portfolio, like the other assessments.

Assessment Link

myStrategic Compass also contains an Assessment Link that links the occupations or occupation categories resulting from an assessment instrument to the occupations in CIS. The following assessment results can be cross-walked to occupations in myStrategic Compass using the Assessment Link:

•  Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)

•  Career Assessment Inventory (CAI)

•  Career Decision-Making Revised (CDM-R)

•  Career Occupational Preference System (COPS)

•  CareerScope

•  Differential Aptitude Test (DAT)


•  Kuder Career Search (KCS)

•  O*NET Interest Profiler (IP)


•  Self-Directed Search (SDS)

•  Strong Interest Inventory (SII)

Interpreting Assessment Results

Career assessment results do not tell a person what occupations they should or should not pursue. Instead, the results provide a way for the user to look at the world of work based upon the personal characteristics the instrument is measuring.

After users receive the results of an assessment in myStrategic Compass, they need an opportunity to discuss what these results mean to them. They also need a strategy for applying these results to their career planning. If they don't agree with a result, or can't understand it, they will need assistance in learning from that experience. My Portfolio contains a section called Sorts and Assessments for recording assessment results and the user's reflections about these results. This is a useful tool, making the assessment process more meaningful over time.

Exploring the occupations that result from assessments helps users learn more about themselves (why they like or dislike an occupation), as well as improve their information gathering, analysis, synthesis, decision-making, and goal-setting skills. Most myStrategic Compass assessments use John Holland's typology to present the assessment results.

Combined Report of Assessments

The Combined Report of Assessments allows users to view the results of multiple assessments in a report table that displays the most frequently recurring occupations and clusters. Users can select assessments to include in this report and save occupations of interest from the report.

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