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WIN System - Learner Listing Reports

Learner Listing Report allows you to report access product offering for all learners in one or more organizations. 

To run a learning listing report, click on Reports, then select Learner Listing from the drop-down. 

Next, select the organization(s) that you would like to see listed in the report. You can select all, one, or multiple, then select run report.  

A list will display of all learners in the organization(s) selected.  You can filter the data by selecting the filter icon next to one of the demographics. 

Clicking the arrow on any of the fields will sort the data alphabetically or numerically, depending on the field. 

Clicking on the credential earned in the Credential column will download a printable .pdf version of the learner's credential. 

On the right side of the report, you will find the Scale Score the learner earned, the level (if applicable), and the Session Time. 

The Excel icon at the top right of the report allows you to export the data to an excel spreadsheet. 

Select Collapse View to show a simple display of activity time in one or multiple product offerings.  The activity time would be displayed per product offering, as well as total activity time for the products selected.

Clicking on the Learner’s name in the far-left column will pull up the learner’s Individual Report.  To learn more about the Individual Report, navigate to the Individual Report section of the Resource Center by selecting WIN System, then Reports Tab, followed by clicking on Individual Report.