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myStrategic Compass is a career exploration system that allows learners to match their interests, values and skills to particular occupations and to explore the education and training options available to them.

The homepage is where learners begin their use of myStrategic Compass. The myStrategic Compass logo appears on the top left and is present there on most pages. When clicked, it will always return the user to this homepage.

The user bar sits right below that, and it contains first name of the user. The user bar informs the user about unopened messages and provides a logout link. The user badge allows instant access to the user’s portfolio, as does the horizontal global navigation bar across the upper part of this page. Click any tab to see the mega menu or overview of the contents for this topic. You can also click the tab and read a more lengthy description of the contents in each tab.

There are numerous ways in which the myStrategic Compass system can be used. From the myStrategic Compass homepage, you can access any of the content or tools in myStrategic Compass. We understand that our users come to career exploration and planning from a variety of stages and backgrounds with varying concerns and interests. The home page provides users a place to begin the path to career development where they feel comfortable.

In the following pages, we offer descriptions of some of the most critical components of this system. There is not a required progression within the site for your learners. Refer to the Tools for Counselors and Teacher section for more in-depth help and tutorials.

Because myStrategic Compass is a system, the content is methodically interconnected. For example, when you are viewing Occupations, you will be able to link directly to the Related Occupations and Programs of Study. When you complete an assessment, you will be able to link directly to those Occupations most associated with your assessment results.