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Occupations are organized by the 16 National Career Clusters as well as alphabetically. An occupation is a group of jobs with common tasks. Occupations are found at more than one organization. Users can find preparation requirements, wages, outlook information, licensing requirements, and find professional organizations and resources that can provide additional guidance for career-related learning. Users can watch videos and read interviews of people working in the occupations. Choosing an occupation provides pertinent information to help the user think about things to consider when selecting an occupation or career.

myStrategic Compass includes information on more than 70 green jobs, occupations that impact the environment in positive ways, such as saving energy or recycling and reusing goods. In addition, the green jobs information contains videos about six important industrial sectors creating green jobs. Individuals might use the green jobs file when seeking a career or occupation that helps care for the earth and a filter sorting tool that allows you to rapidly sort green jobs based on wages and educational requirements.

An industry is a group of occupations that target a common goal, such as construction. Industries are made of groups of occupations that produce similar goods or services. Students can use industry information to track market trends, research business activity and learn about related occupations.

The military is actually a large industry with many occupations. Although the content in Military Employment functions similarly to the content in Occupations, direct comparisons cannot be made because much of the content, such as benefits and wages, is calculated differently. Veterans often view the Military Occupation Codes (MOCs) to connect their branch specialties to civilian occupations and to identify transferrable skills. Users interested in the military should research military occupations to view objective and unbiased career information. Instruct them to read About the Military to learn more about the realities of military work life, to consider if the military fits their needs, and to learn about any special requirements by branch.

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