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WIN System - Usernames and Passwords

To lookup or reset a user’s password you must first find the user by selecting the List and Edit Users option from the User Administration Menu. When you find the desired user, mouse-over the tools icon to the right of the user’s name. 

This will generate a list of options including Reset Password and Show Password (the Show Password option is only available for learners). If the user is a learner the Show Password option will allow you to lookup the learner's password without resetting it.

Change Password

Passwords are between 6 and 16 letters/numbers, must contain one capital letter and one number (special characters optional). After the users change their password, they use the new password to log into the system.

Note: When changing the password (whether upon initial entry or as an update) the screens presented to all users are similar in that all users are asked to provide and confirm a new password. If the password change cannot be confirmed, an error notice will appear. Users must additionally agree to the licensing Terms and Conditions before they can change their password. They may also choose to Receive automated emails from WIN Learning. To submit the Change Password request, click on the Save button. You will receive confirmation that the password has been changed and may continue working in the program without logging out and entering again. 

Learn more about how to change or list student passwords in User Administration

Reset Password

To reset a user’s password, choose Reset Password from the tools menu. You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to reset the password. After confirming the password reset, a pop-up will appear containing the user’s username and a temporary password. Please make a note of this password.

Show Password

If the user is a learner you may choose Show Password to display their current password. Selecting Show Password will produce a pop-up containing the learner’s username and password.