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R2WC - Course Access

On the Course Menu, entry level (plus all preceding levels) will be illuminated. These links will take the learner into the course at the indicated level.

Course Access

Enter the modules by choosing the level of study. The highest level open to the learner is the starting level prescribed by the placement test. The learner can choose to restart or resume. Choose Language to select a different language. All learners must use the Exit button to quit the module so their progress will be recorded in the portal and display under Reports.

R2WC Course

Enable Spanish Subtitles

Navigate the module by choosing Back or Next. Each level of instruction in the Ready to Work Courseware is divided into lessons. Learners will first receive instruction on the lesson topic and will then be asked to answer questions in the practice exercises.  As questions are answered, the student clicks on their answer choice and clicks Check. The student then moves through the questions by choosing Next Question. Immediate feedback is provided.  Learners must complete the exercises and receive a score in order for the result to display under Reports.


Exercise Results

Menu Button

The Menu button in the toolbar will uncover an outline of the current level. Click on any lesson title to navigate directly to it. The first lesson in each level is always a review of the skills taught in the previous levels, and the last lesson is always a posttest.

Audio Button

Audio may be enabled by clicking the Audio button.

Help Button

Help may be accessed by clicking the Help button.