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WIN System - Transfer Users

Choose User Administration under the Admin tab to open the User Administration menu. Next select the Transfer Users button followed by selecting a person type from the drop-down. You will only have choices based upon your permission levels.

Transfer Users

Once you select a person type, the search box will expand and you may be prompted to fill in additional information such as the school or site to efficiently search for the appropriate user.

Search for a User

After you select a person type and enter any additional information to search for a user, click Search. Select the appropriate user to transfer by checking the box next to their name.  Next, complete the Transfer selected users information and click Go.

Transferring a User to a Location

A confirmation pop-up will appear asking you if you are sure you want to transfer x number of users to the respective location.  After selecting Yes, no other action is required and the user is transferred. 

Transfer User Confirmation